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More Testing

September 10, 2012

In the Smogon forums thread where I discuss my stalliness metric, I asked users to submit their own teams to by analyzed by my metric. A user by the name of alkinesthetase linked me to Smogon’s RMT Archive index, which contains importable versions of dozens of teams, in various tiers and playstyles. I ran my algorithm against this dataset in an attempt to come up with “cutoffs” for stall vs. semi-stall vs. balance/bulky offense vs. offense vs. heavy offense. Below are the results, both for bias (Innocent Criminal’s metric) and stalliness (my own).


The dashed lines represent Innocent Criminal’s cutoffs (balance and bulky offense share a range). Also remember that a team with a bias between 600 and 1200 will still be classified as Heavy Offense if it has a screener.


As you can see, neither metric does particularly well for suggesting cutoffs for defining play-styles. That’s really disappointing, because what is says is that I’m missing something. What makes a team heavy offense vs. offense? balance vs. semi-stall? Is it just a judgement call, or is there something concrete that I can try to incorporate?

This is a question I plan on asking in the thread.


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