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Missing Mods, Source Code, and Leftovers, Revisited

September 25, 2012

eric the espeon, a Smogon user and stats junkie from way back when, made a detailed post in the stalliness discussion thread, and I just posted back a reply to his questions and criticisms.

In the end, I revised the metric a bit further, but before I get into that, I want to point your attention towards my github repository, where I now host my team analyzer (which contains the stalliness algorithm) as a separate file. If you navigate your way over to this folder, you can find an example of how to use the team analyzer script. Feel free to fork my repository, modify my team analyzer, and tell me if you come up with better results. If you ask me nicely, I’ll even provide you with importables of the RMT archive.

Anyway, the further modifications:

  • Soul Dew subtracts 0.5 from the metric for Lati@s
  • Light Ball, Thick Club and DeepSeaTooth subtract 1.0 from the metric when held by the correct Pokemon
  • DeepSeaScale adds 1.0 to the metric when held by Clamperl
  • Expert Belt, plates and other 10-20% boosting items subtract 0.25 from the metric. Note that $\latex log_2 1.2 = .263\simeq.25$.
  • Flame Orb and Toxic Orb subtract 1.0 from the metric if held by a Pokemon with an offensive ability that benefits from the status.
  • Poison Heal now only adds 0.5 to the metric if the Pokemon is holding a Toxic Orb.

I also considered whether I wanted to have Leftovers add 0.25 to the metric. Below I graph stalliness vs. team type calculating stalliness based these new revisions, with and without the Leftovers modification:


As I discuss in the Smogon thread, while it’s clear that the other revisions do no harm, it’s unclear whether it makes sense to implement the Leftovers mod. I’m currently leaning towards no, but I’m willing to entertain arguments.


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